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Living and working with curly hair of all ages and genders over the years, Curly Clinic has organically grown and is now here helping others who have also been blessed with curly hair.

From a slight wave to a tight coil, Curly Clinic offers a platform to help you.
By sharing TIPS & TRICKS, you are able to interact and find solutions in order to make your life that little bit easier. If there's anything you would like to ask us, please get in touch using our CONTACT US form.
I personally think that unless you have or have a child that has curly hair, it can be difficult to truly understand curls!
And with every phrase we hear, “I love your curls” and “I wish I had your curls,” only we know what we have to go through to achieve this!

My personal journey over the years has allowed me to gather experience and given me many opportunities to research most products, tools, accessories and techniques making sure they work before they are recommended to others.
The aim for most people is to achieve the best curl and condition for their hair without it being a mission or costing the earth!
One of the biggest game changers for me, was when I found a product that allowed me to begin and end my hair regime whilst being in the shower with just a bottle of shampoo, conditioner and styling cream!
Others have commented that “I can’t believe that shampooing my hair the Curly Clinic method has made such a difference.”
With others, realising a Cut and Style is not just a basic trip to the salon or barbers but the need to understand the correct skill and method needed with any curly cut.

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Knowing and understanding yours or your child’s hair is one of the most important parts of achieving the perfect curl then you can identify and choose the best products, tools and techniques that will give you the perfect results, so start your Curly Clinic journey by first taking the quiz and letting us know what type of curl and texture you have.

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