DIFFON - Hot Air Diffuser

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Bellissima DIFFON DF1 1000 is the hot air diffuser that combines diffuser and hair dryer in a single appliance that can enhance the beauty of curly hair.
The synergistic action of the special perforated grid that distributes the air evenly and the 12 long fingers, which keep the curls in shape and well-set, allows you to gently dry your hair while maintaining and enhancing the shape and suppleness of the curls.
The rear grid has been specifically designed to avoid annoying tangling of the hair in the fan, allowing you to dry your hair comfortably even with your head down.
The Dry Care system assures the optimal combination of air flow and temperature for gently drying your curls.
The two air/temperature levels allow personalised drying according to the length of your hair: level one is suitable for medium-short curly hair, and level two is ideal for medium-long hair.
The hot air diffuser DIFFON DF1 1000 with its 700 W of power is comfortable and handy thanks to the ergonomic handle that makes it easy and comfortable to use on the whole head.
Your hair is soft and your curls are bright, well defined without frizz.